October 11, 2020

My Pleasure!

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Tim Parnell

Our featured clients this week are...

A young couple who were shopping for their first home when they reached out to me about a listing I had. They were using Zillow to find homes and as some of my readers know Zillow does not necessarily operate in the best interest of the home buyer. I explained to them that Zillow does not update the listings they have when they go under contract and this makes shopping for available homes confusing. Zillow does this so they can sell unsuspecting shoppers information to agents who pay to have that access. Luckily for this couple, when they called on my listing that was featured on Zillow they got me and not some agent who pays to have their face on there to capture unsuspecting shoppers and knows nothing of the property they have been called about. In the end we had a great conversation and I let them know I could set them up on a proper home search engine and we could go shopping ASAP. 5-ish days later they are putting in an offer on a new build home that is absolutely perfect for what they want in a home. I am so happy for this young couple and we will be there every step of the way for them.

FYI, if you want to use the same search engine to find homes that I set them up on then click any of the city links at the bottom of this newsletter and you can set up a custom search field and be notified when new homes hit the market that you are looking for without the funny business of sites like Zillow etc. As always it is my pleasure to help my clients buy and or sell their home.

Happy home shopping y'all!!!



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