November 5, 2020

Up a Tree...

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Tim Parnell

I have started a new project that I am excited about! I am doing a top 3-5 parks series for all surrounding cities of the greater Fort Worth area. In doing so I purchased a high quality drone, watched a few "how to fly a drone" YouTube vids and went for it. Check the link below for my first ever drone parks video. In shooting my second video of the parks in Colleyville the "wind" got my drone and carried me into a tree. The hazards of drone piloting. I must say that the Colleyville Park Service was fantastic as they responded to my call and had someone on the way to get my "toy" out of the tree. Fortunately, a gust of wind blew it loose and it fell 35 feet and broke one of its arms. That is better than not having the drone back at all. Looks like I will be watching "how to fix my drone" videos on YouTube!

Check out my first Aerial Drone Parks video link below.



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