November 18, 2020


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Late August I got a call from this man whom I had never met. He said his neighbor had given him my letter I had sent out and that he needed some help selling his home. He "warned me" that it needed some work. When I entered the home (located in the heart of Keller) I must admit that I knew this was going to be a project and I only was looking at the living room. His words were "Looks like a small earth quake hit this house right?" He was right. Every room needed attention, mostly cosmetic, drywall and paint but nonetheless, floors, walls and ceilings in almost every room needed repair.

I we set down to have a consultation about what his goals were, his time line, his ability to fund the project himself and other important decision making topics. When done, the solution was to have him invest in getting his home market ready with my guidance.

He did (nearly) everything I asked and I provided him service contractor info that I knew could work fast and affordable.

I am happy to report that after a major renovation and him living in the home the entire time, we got him to closing! He is walking away with far more equity than he originally anticipated and we got full asking price for his home.

I am happy to serve my clients and every situation requires a unique approach and tailored guidance. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my business.



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