December 16, 2020

What a deal!

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Tim Parnell

As a realtor I can say that no two deals are ever the same. I also wonder "what will be the most memorable deal I do in my career." I must say, that to date this one is it.

The family above is awesome and it was my pleasure to help them get into their new home. However, the road to make that happen was a "bumpy" one and it put my professional skills to the test.

Angela and her family found a beautiful home on acreage in Decatur, TX. In order to buy it, they needed to sell two properties so they had to make the offer on the home they wanted as a DOUBLE contingency offer. It has been rare these days to get a contingent offer accepted by a seller, but a double contingency offer is unheard of. This is because of the many moving parts it takes to close on just one home to buy another - and now we doubled the potential issues.

Amazingly, the seller of their dream home agreed to our double contingency offer with minimal earnest money. During the process of getting my client's homes sold, the sellers of their dream home got a "better offer" and told my buyers that they had to back out. This was not true as they had options and contractually my buyers had the right to stay in the deal. We ended up making the offer non-contingent and reassured the sellers that I could make it happen and my buyers were willing to do what it took to make it happen.

Now the stress levels were really high as the sellers would want to back out at the slightest hick-up and my buyers would be homeless.

In closing, we sold both homes and got offers for above asking price on both of them. I also negotiated lease backs giving my seller/buyers flexibility to close on the dream home. Once this was secured, I let the sellers agent of the dream home know we could now close 20 days sooner than originally agreed on!

The family that was under two different roofs are now under one dream home roof on a beautiful piece of property in Decatur.



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