November 12, 2021

Yogi's Name?

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Tim Parnell

The thing about Yogi Bear is, he as character has a bit of a quirky charm to him and seems to say things that leave you scratching your head. This is just like his name sake, Larry. Larry was born in the Italian district of Saint Louis in 1925 and is better known as the New York Yankees world renowned catcher Yogi Berra. He supposedly got his name "Yogi" from a childhood friend who though he looked like a Yogi character in a movie. That or the other story was that he had the demeanor of a Yogi and that was what he was identified as. Either way, it is how we know him today.

From one of the most quotable baseball players in history to a family theme park, what does the question of Yogi's name origin have to do with this newsletter you ask?

Last weekend my family and I enjoyed yet another weekend at Jellystone Park. I must say that what the park is doing to expand its attractions is mighty impressive. It has been a fun place to do a quick get away for us the last few years, but I truly look forward to the things to come. They are adding covered wagon camp sites, grain silo cabins and even yurts! Along with that, they are building a massive building for indoor attraction that will include a putt-putt golf course and a huge swimming pool with other water features. This pool is on the opposite end of the campground from the water park.

As usual we enjoyed the customary attractions like the climbing wall, rope course, parks, crafts, firetruck rides, kids dance night, fire building and camping with friends. I even got to teach Carmyn how to build a fire from scratch with a flint starter.

If you are looking for a quick and unique get away for the family, you have got to check this place out. Click the link below to see park details.


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