Five star Service


5 Star July 2020

Highly recommend Tim. He was always professional and always on time. Helped us get our house in top shape in order to sell for top price!

Marie Burleson

5 Star August 2020

Tim is an expert when it comes to real estate! If you're in the Dallas, TX area and need help finding a home or selling, call him now! He is very nice and easy to work with!

Kimberly Kitnikone

5 Star September 2020

Tim is one of the greatest in realty, so grateful to have his expertise and dedication for selling and buying my homes.

Megan J

5 Star September 2020

Tim did a great job!!! He worked through some problems we had and made the experience good!! He was great tot work with!!

Kathryn Humer

5 Star Home Inspection Review

Love working with Tim and his team - always professional and looking out for his clients best interests. Working with agents every day it’s easy to see who does diligent and detailed work...and Tim certainly does!

TruVision Inspections PLLC

5 Star August 2020

If it weren’t for Tim, I wouldn’t be in the house I love right now. He not only helped to find the perfect home for me, but was instrumental in selling my previous house. He went above and beyond to make the process smooth and to show me that he valued my business. Tim has my highest recommendation.

Trisha Erwin

5 Star August 2020

Tim’s focus wasn’t just on selling our home - he was committed to helping us be able to take the next step in our life. Willing to go above and beyond to ensure the process is smooth with as little stress as possible. Honest and frank at every turn.

Brad Burleson

5 Star October 2020

I work in mortgage and I work with many realtors. Tim is truly an expert in his field and yet still constantly honing his skills. On top of that, he's a great family man!

R. Norris

5 Star September 2020

Tim has been so helpful and knowledgeable during our home buying process! He has helped put our minds at ease and really helped make this process smooth and easy! If you are looking for a realtor, call Tim! You will not regret it!

Jessica Mitchell

5 Star September 2020

Finding and buying your perfect home is not easy, especially when the home you want has had 70 viewings and 22 offers in the first 48 hours of being on the market. With Tim’s advise on how to make a strong offer we were able to beat out everyone else, including two cash offers. The process can be frustrating and stressful for sure, but with Tim on your side it’s a lot easier.

Michelle Walsh

5 Star October 2020

Tim and I have developed a life long friendship over the past decade and much of that is due to his loyalty and willingness to stand by his friends. I have watched him go out of his way to help another without regard for himself. I have sat in his boat, at the lake, on the trailer, because we had a malfunction and yet we had a great time. He never complained, just parked in the shade and turned on the radio. We have ridden motorcycles for hours, camped under the stars and now our families are completing a Bible study together. If you want a good man and a great realtor, Tim will help you in any way he can to make your dreams come true.

Travis Irish

5 Star September 2020

We had a hard time as first time buyers finding a empathetic and responsive Realtor. With us being new to the whole process he allowed us to choose and tour to our liking with us eventually checking out a new build. We enjoyed his guidance and valued the time we had with him and his knowledge of the area. Tim is a great person and Realtor making him wonderful for you and your family.

Matthew Petrosky

5 Star September 2020

Let’s start by saying, I’m pretty picky and not the easiest to impress. However, when it came to working with Tim, who was referred to my wife and myself by a friend, I immediately felt at ease. Buying a house is already a very stressful situation, so when you find a realtor who can guide you through the process, and help make it much easier you tend to want to lean on that realtor as much as possible. That’s exactly what we did. I truly recommend Tim for your next home purchase, and though not for a while (because we found our dream home) we will most definitely be using him for our next home purchase! Kudos, Great job, And two thumbs up.

Muhassed Fedee

5 Star October 2020

The thing about Tim Parnell is that he is a man that will go above and beyond. In anything and everything he does. I have been fortunate to see this from the perspective of being a close friend. The way he takes care of his family and friends is a beautiful thing, but to see how that pours into his work is amazing. He is a great listener which helps tremendously when needing help finding solutions. Great guy and realtor all around.

Sam Bitner
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